2-Year-Old Recovers After Pool Accident in La Verne

pool-accidentA 2-year-old boy had a miraculous recovery after doctors advised his parents he would not make it after a pool accident in La Verne.

La Verne Police Department received a call that a 2-year-old boy was found unresponsive after being pulled out of the pool.

It was unknown how long he was in the pool, but La Verne PD dispatch was advised a nurse was on the scene.

The onsite nurse performed CPR for approximately 4 minutes. Once police authorities arrived, they continued to try and find a pulse.

The young boy’s mother was being consoled by another officer, while paramedics arrived. Officers and nurse were unable to find a pulse.

Upon the arrival of LVFD paramedics, they performed CPR and were able to recover a pulse and rushed him to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital.

Neurological teams explained to the boy’s parents there was little hope for their son and if he does wake up from he would have severe brain damage.

However, a few days after his parents were notified, the boy began showing improvements.

The respirator was removed as well as tubes from the lungs. He began slowly moving his limbs and even responding to voices.

The toddler is expected to have a full recovery and will be going back home very soon.

It is unclear how the boy fell into the pool.

Pool accidents are extremely dangerous. Children between the ages of 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates. It’s important for homeowners and those with pools on their premises must take all safety precautions to keep children safe.

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