44 Arrested and Hundreds Cited for Illegal Street Racing in South L.A.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deparment along with other multiple sheriff’s stations and the Hawthorne and Inglewood Police Departments helped crackdown a massive illegal street racing that resulted in 44 arrest, more than 200 hundred citations, and dozens of cars being towed early Monday morning of April 20.

The operation has been in the works for about a week by officials and on Monday they boxed in the illegal street racing activity in the Broadway-Manchester neighborhood of South Los Angeles.Illegal street racing

The neighborhood is a main place for illegal street racing activity which is why officials planned the crackdown in that area.

The issue with illegal street racing is that often times the driver’s have high-end cars with modifications and will race them sometimes while intoxicated.

This causes a great risk for not only the driver’s and the passengers in the vehicle, but for pedestrians spectating the activity.

Authorities have released information that they have arrested 44 people that ranged from drug-related offenses to those wanted on arrest warrants.

Those who received citations were for unlicensed drivers, people driving with a suspended license, and even pedestrians spectating the illegal street racing.

Over 50 vehicles were towed and impounded during the illegal street racing bust.

Approximately 100 officers participated in the illegal street racing sting and law enforcement agencies say they will continue to monitor the area “from here on out, every single day.”

Anyone with information regarding illegal street racing is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Department’s Carson Station at (310) 830-1123.

If you wish to leave an anonymous tip, you should call Crime Stoppers by dialing 800-222-8477 or by visiting the website here.

Illegal street racing has become more common in recent news and often times result in fatal accidents.

Research shows every year 37,000 fatal motor vehicle collisions occur in the United States and about 30% are caused by speeding.

Consequently, the rise of illegal street racing may be caused by the popularity of street racing movies, media, video games, and websites. Street racing can range from spontaneous racing with another vehicle to an organized illegal street race activity.

Speeding causes the driver to lose control of their vehicle leading to collisions. It is important to raise attention to illegal street racing activity to decrease the number of fatal collisions that may occur.

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