Accident Involving Multiple Big-Rig Trucks Causes Southbound I-5 Closure

A multi-vehicle collision north of Oceanside has closed the I-5 southbound lanes, according to California Highway Patrol.

The crash, which involved a flatbed truck, a few cars, and five big rigs, occurred two miles south of Basilone Road. One of the vehicles involved was a propane truck. Construction materials, other cargo, and 40 gallons of fuel spilled across all lanes in a stretch a freeway south of San Clemente. Hazardous-material teams have been called to the scene.

The closure occurred sometime after 7 a.m. and all lanes of the freeway remained closed until 8:27 a.m. when drivers were allowed to use begin using the shoulder to pass the scene of the semi-truck accident.

The multi-vehicle collision has caused a massive backup and motorists are being diverted at Cristianitos and sent back north via Ortega Highway. The northbound I-5 is still open but traffic is at a crawl. The closure is estimated to remain until at least 11 a.m.

California Highway Patrol Officers say that the accident was caused when the driver of a tractor-trailer rig approaching the weighing scales failed to slow down for trucks ahead that were nearly stopped. The truck collided with the back of the propane tanker.

Why the driver of the tractor-trailer rig wasn’t paying attention will be part of the CHP investigation. As of yet there are only reports of minor injuries, but this serves to show how serious distracted driving can be.

While we can only speculate on exactly what had divided the attention of this negligent driver, distracted driving for any reason is extremely dangerous and puts everyone on the road in harm’s way. Common causes of distracted driving are texting while driving, talking on a cell phone, and paying attention to other passengers.

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Unfortunately, no matter how careful we are, we have to share the road with drivers who don’t make safety a priority. Negligent drivers can be extremely dangerous, causing massive property damage, serious injury, and even death. When semi-trucks or big rigs are involved the results can be devastating.

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