Airbag Company Announces Largest Auto Product Recall Ever

Takata, an airbag company, is recalling nearly 34 million vehicles that may have airbag issues. The company has already recalled 18 million vehicles for a faulty airbag problem. This will be one of the largest consumer product recalls ever.

Approximately five deaths have been related to the defected airbags produced by Takata.

Takata airbag recallThe recall is being made because the airbags have been known to explode and propel shrapnel as it deploys causing serious injuries to the driver and passenger of the vehicle.

Reports showed that victims of the faulty airbag looked as if they had been shot or stabbed.

Many other victims had vision damage from shrapnel hitting them in they eyes.

The administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Mike Rosekind, admitted that it’s unclear what’s causing the airbag to explode so dangerously, but hopes that recalling the vehicles will decrease the risk of serious accidents as they research the issue.

Initially, Takata claimed that the airbag problem was limited to regions with humid weather and limited the recall to just those areas. The NHTSA agreed to the initial recall, but then requested Takata and 11 other automakers to expand the recall.

Takata was fined $14,000 a day for failing to cooperate with the NHTSA and had racked up $1.2 million in fines. The fines were suspended as of Tuesday May 19th, but there are possibilities for further fines.

The CEO of Takata, Shigehisa Takada, said that the company is pleased to have reached an agreement with NHTSA.

Vehicles that might be affected are models build between 2000 and 2011. To check the full list of cars on the recall list click here.


Product recalls should be taken seriously, especially for products such as airbags which are safety features in your vehicle to protect you from serious injuries.

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