ATV and UTV Accident Claims

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility side by side vehicles (UTVs) are operated by thousands off-road enthusiast each year. Both are commonly known as quads or four wheelers. Most the times these quads are driven in remote areas. Unfamiliarity with the terrain and inexperience can lead to serious accidents.

Knowing more about your options after being injured in a four wheel accident can help you get both medical and financial relief.

About ATV and UTV Accidents

According to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), thousands of people drive out to the desert to hop onto their four wheelers each year. Unfortunately, recreational ATV and UTV accidents claim over 700 lives annually and nearly 350,000 suffer minor to major injuries. A third of these injuries and fatalities happen to children 16 and under.

Injuries resulting from these collisions are broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. But the most common and severe injuries are closed head injuries.

Because these vehicles are usually operated in rugged terrain, it’s not uncommon for accidents to occur. Even the most experienced riders can lose control and sustain serious injuries. It’s important you are aware of the steps to take if an ATV or UTV accident occurs.

What to do in a ATV or UTV Accident

Being out in the desert or other off road locations can make it difficult to get immediate help. It’s up to you to act quickly.

Here are some simple steps to take:

  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention – Emergency crews may not be able to reach you right away. Make sure to take note of nearby ranger stations and have a first aid kit on hand at all times.
  • Take Pictures – Photos of your injuries and property damage are physical evidence that can strengthen your accident claim.
  • Trade Contact Information – Make sure to trade contact information with the other party involved. Without their information, pursuing a compensation can become difficult.
  • Contact a Lawyer – Having an experienced lawyer on your side can help determine what options you have.

ATV and UTV insurance is available for your protection. It’s best to look into what policy is best for you. Being proactive will protect you in the long run.

Being injured in a four-wheeler accident can be tough. Opening an injury claim may not be as simple as you imagined. At Bergener Mirejovsky, we understand it’s not easy juggling the complexities of an accident case.

If you were injured in an ATV or UTV accident, contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation at 1-800-881-2021. You deserve to get the best help available.

That means we charge you nothing unless we reach a successful settlement of your claim. If we don’t get you compensated for your damages, you don’t pay us a dime.