Bad Road Condition Costing Drivers in Cities Nearly $1000 A Year

According to recent studies drivers in large cities pay nearly $1000 to fix damages cause by bad road conditions.

bad road conditionsThe number one city is San Francisco, but Los Angeles comes in a close second in the cost that motorist pay annually.

There is a highway transportation bill that is a six year bill, but funding expires in 3 years. So AAA and U.S. Chamber of Commerce are urging congress to take actions.

They are doing this so help drivers to have better road conditions.

Potholes and bad road conditions cause bad alignment on a car, which then affects the miles per gallon on the vehicle.

Also, the bad road conditions can lead to car accidents for drivers who may try to avoid potholes or other damaged roadways and collide with another vehicle.

Therefore, there is a big push for an action to improve poor road conditions.


If you have been in an auto accident due to bad road conditions, you may have to the option to pursue a personal injury claim.

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