Bee Inside Big Rig Causes Truck To Overturn In Davis

A bee inside a big rig caused the driver to overturn Thursday morning forcing roads to shut down in Davis.Bee, big rig, overturn

The North Highlands driver was driving his truck around 6:40 a.m. southbound on County Road 98 near Russell Boulevard at about 30 to 40 MPH.

As he was driving, the 65-year-old driver saw a bee on his dashboard and attempted to swat it out.

He realized the truck was veering out of the lanes and overcorrected causing the big rig to overturn.

The truck was carrying loads of gravel and ended up spilling out onto the road, forcing officers to close down the lanes in both directions.

Fortunately the driver was uninjured and is not facing any charges.


There have been several accidents involving overturned big rigs in recent news. It is crucial to note that trucks overturning or even just normal vehicles due to bees or other distracting objects can raise an even higher risk of severe traffic accidents.

Distracted driving is a leading cause of fatal car accidents. Although distracted driving is mainly promoted as those who use their phones or do make up while driving, objects flying inside their car also falls under distracted driving. To learn more about distracted driving click here.

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