Bicyclist Killed in Crash With San Francisco Garbage Truck

This morning an unidentified male bicyclist was killed in a collision with a San Francisco garbage truck in the Mission District. Shortly before 7:00 a.m. a Recology garbage truck was traveling along side the bicyclist when the driver attempted a right turn, striking the cyclist. Apparently the driver did not immediately realize he had caused an accident and continued down the street until he was hailed by people to stop.

As personal injury attorneys serving the San Francisco are, we are deeply saddened by any event that threatens the safety of the city’s bicyclists and pedestrians. People who travel on foot or by bike or motorcycle are far more likely to be seriously injured in a traffic accident with a car or truck. They can be easily overlooked in a blind spot when a driver is not paying careful attention to his or her surroundings. It is likely that this is what occurred in here.

Large trucks in particular are known to limit the range of vision, and require extreme caution and attentiveness to maneuver. This holds especially true in urban areas like the Mission District where streets can be narrow and drivers can expect to share the roads with bicyclists and pedestrians.

In this instance the bicycle was caught under the truck and dragged for a block. The rider, who is said not to have been wearing helmet, passed away at the scene. Our condolences to all the family and friends he leaves behind.

Let’s take this opportunity to remember how important it is to share the road. As drivers, we need to actively check blind spots – not just for other cars – but also for motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Awareness should be heightened in busy urban areas. Visit our bicycle page for additional information on bicycle accidents in California.

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