Can I Text the Person Who Injured Me?

It is never a good idea to call or start texting the person who injured you, regardless of why you want to get in touch with them.

Some upfront information is needed in order to pursue an insurance claim:

  • You need to exchange auto insurance information after a negligent driver hit you
  • After a slip and fall accident, you need the homeowner’s insurance information
  • The dog owner’s information is necessary after a dog bite

However, contact should stop between you and the negligent party after the exchange of information.

How Texting Can Hurt Your Accident Claim

Put It in Writing

Insurance adjusters will use anything they can to devalue your claim. Their job is to compensate you as little as possible for your injuries. They are in contact with the person who injured you. The adjuster will ask them about any communication between you two.

Maybe you forgot to ask for some information after the accident. Maybe the negligent person has texted you to ask if you are hurt. Do not send text messages to this person. A simple “I’m fine” in writing can take serious power out of your personal injury claim.

Sending a text message is the same as writing a letter in the eyes of the law. A single text message can be used against you.

Who Should You Talk To?

An experienced personal injury attorney can walk you through your accident claim. Hiring a skilled accident lawyer is your best chance at receiving the medical care and compensation you deserve.

The Bergener Mirejovsky team is trained to counter all the tricks the insurance companies use to undervalue your injury claim. You need someone in your corner with a proven track record going up against big insurance companies. If you need something from the person who injured you, let us contact them.

There is a lot of power in the sentence, “Please speak with my attorney.”

We won’t let the insurance adjuster minimize the value of your case. If you have questions about an accident or want to know what we can do for you, call 1-800-881-2021 for a free claim review with an experienced member of our team.

That means we charge you nothing unless we reach a successful settlement of your claim. If we don’t get you compensated for your damages, you don’t pay us a dime.