Car Accident Claim Against AAA Auto Insurance

We purchase auto insurance for protection from unexpected events. When you are involved in a car accident, you place your trust in auto insurance providers to rescue you from financial risks.

The American Automobile Association otherwise known as AAA is a highly recognized insurance company that claims to help its members.

However, it’s important to understand that insurance providers aren’t always easy to work with. Learn what to expect when pursuing a car accident claim against AAA and your steps following a traffic collision.

What To Expect From AAA

Following your car accident, the series of actions you take are important. Opening a claim is one of the many components that begins your claims process. When you pursue an accident claim against AAA it’s important to understand they will not be sympathetic to your injuries or situation.

The auto insurance provider will only be making a profit by under-compensating you. Therefore, AAA insurance adjusters are trained to downplay your injuries to create reasons to minimize your final settlement.

From our own experience at Bergener Mirejovsky, we have worked with AAA insurance adjusters who disregard medical records and downplay your injuries. They have also have gone to the extent of offering a settlement, but retracting their offer even if their insured admitted fault.

Being fair isn’t part of an insurance adjuster’s duties. Which is why protecting yourself is so critical.

What To Do After Your Car Accident

It’s important to do all you can to prevent AAA from compromising your claim. Don’t get caught up in an insurance company’s deceptive tactics. Follow these steps to protect yourself.

  • Get Immediate Medical Care – See a doctor after your accident. A gap in treatment gives the AAA adjuster reason to minimize your injuries.
  • Pictures – Photos of your injuries and property damage to have tangible evidence for you claim.
  • File A Police Report – You should get a police report even in a minor collision. Having an official report will help if liability becomes an issue.

At Bergener Mirejovsky, we will turn the tables on the insurance company. Don’t let the adjusters at AAA dictate your accident claim. Our skilled car accident lawyers will fiercely negotiate to get you the results you deserve. Call us to get answers tailored to your specific case at 1-800-881-2021.

That means we charge you nothing unless we reach a successful settlement of your claim. If we don’t get you compensated for your damages, you don’t pay us a dime.