Car Accident In A Leased Vehicle

Many people prefer to lease their car instead of buying. It makes sense: your payments are lower, you may have a warranty, and it may not require a down payment. But what happens if you have a car accident in a leased vehicle? Who is responsible?

You are not alone. Fixing your property damage and trying to receive medical treatment can be easier said than done. Navigating the waters of your vehicle repairs can be stressful, especially if the vehicle is leased.

Documenting The Damages

You will be required to document the property damage and repairs. To do so, you should take your vehicle to a body shop.

If you aren’t familiar with any, a personal injury attorney can recommend shops. If you are going through the insurance company, you can choose from contracted shops and arrange for a property damage adjuster to inspect your vehicle there.

The mechanics will provide you with repair cost estimate. Either you or the insurance company will be responsible for the costs, depending on the accident and insurance coverage. You may only be responsible for the deductible, with the majority of the responsibility of repairs landing on the insurance company.

Damages and Repair Cost

Once you receive the estimate of the damages, or if your vehicle is deemed a total loss, the process should move more quickly.

  • If the other driver has been placed at fault, his or her insurance provider will be responsible for the damages
  • You may be asked to pay your property damage deductible at this time if you are going through your own insurance
  • GAP Insurance can help in the event your car is deemed a total loss

Regardless of the details of your car accident in a leased vehicle, the experienced car accident attorneys at Bergener Mirejovsky can help. Remember, your health should be your top priority.

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