Child Struck and Killed By MUNI in San Francisco

Early Tuesday morning May 12th, a young boy was struck and killed by a MUNI Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) on Lake View and San Jose Avenue in San Francisco’s Ingleside neighborhood.

The accident occurred around 8:28 a.m. when an 11-year-old boy running to catch the MUNI was trying to avoid a SUV that nearly hit him causing the boy to fall onto the tracks.

Strunk and Killed by MUNIThe oncoming MUNI was not able to stop in time and the young victim was pulled underneath.

According to witnesses, the boy’s mother and aunt ran to try and pull the boy out from underneath, but were unable to.

Family members of the young victim were on the scene, completely distraught.

No passengers were aboard the MUNI at the of the accident and the MUNI driver remained on the scene of the accident and was cooperating with police.

Residents of the area say this is the third accident this year in the same area and hope the city takes some action to put up signs or signals to prevent another accident like this from happening.

Our thoughts go out the victim’s family.


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