Costa Mesa Police Officer and Father killed after Drunk Driving and Texting

Costa Mesa Police Officer was killed after colliding into a freeway pillar while under the influence of alcohol and texting on his cell phone. The 57-year-old police officer, Detective Mike Delgadillo, was driving on the 55 freeway, approaching the overpass on Bristol Street, when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a concrete structure.

Delgadillo had been drinking while off-duty at Mi Casa and Skosh Monahan’s in Costa Mesa on the evening of March 6th. His blood-alcohol content was measured at .14, almost twice the legal limit of .08. At the same time, he was driving distracted while using a cell phone. Both of these factors are said to have contributed to the accident. After the crash, he was immediately rushed to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, and died a few hours later in the emergency room.

“This tragedy is a harsh reminder to us all that being safe is about more than just knowing the law, it’s about knowing why the rules are set in place.”

Delgadillo was considered a modest and hardworking member of the force, and was on good terms with everyone in the department. He was a police officer for over 30 years, and was a father of four children.

This tragedy is a harsh reminder to us all that being safe is about more than just knowing the law, it’s about knowing why the rules are set in place. No matter how old, wise, experienced you are, or whether the restaurant/bar is close to where you live, drunk driving and/or using a cell phone while driving is dangerous. Being cautious on the road is not an action you take to keep yourself protected most of the time, because all it takes is one mistake to lead to devastating loss. As we mourn for the Delgadillo family following this tragedy, other citizens should be reminded to stay responsible when on the road. Your actions not only affect yourself, but also your family, your passengers, and other people on the road.

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