Cyclist Killed After Colliding With A Police Cruiser in San Francisco

A 23-year-old male cyclist was killed after colliding with a SF police cruiser on Friday, June 5th.

The crash occurred around 9 p.m.where officers were patrolling the westside of Persia Avenue on a bend of Sunnydale Avenue when the officer’s reported a bicyclist was down and was bleeding profusely from the face.

Cyclist Killed after collsion with a police cruiserIt is unclear if the cyclist ran into the police car or if the police car struck the male victim.

The male victim was an active member in the city’s bike polo scene and had attended a bike polo even that Friday night.

He was headed back home from the event when the crash happened.

A resident of the area near the accident scene said she frequently sights police cruisers speeding through the area to get to nearby high crime neighborhoods.

According to the resident, it’s not very safe to ride a bike at night since it is difficult to see and patrol cars tend to go pretty fast.

Nevertheless the crash is under investigation and the police officer who was driving the cruiser at the time will most likely be the subject of internal review that will include a toxicology test.


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