Driver Strikes Bicyclist in Road Rage Attack in Marin County

A 62-year-old Bolinas man has been arrested after he allegedly struck a bicyclist in a road rage attack in Marin County on Monday afternoon.Strikes bicyclist in road rage attack, road rage

The incident occurred around 1 p.m. on Point Reyes-Petaluma Road when a bicyclist drifted out of the shoulder lanes to take a photo of another bicyclist.

The driver honked at the rider for crossing lanes and tried to pass the cyclists. However, the 25-year-old bicyclist became startled at the sound of the honk and veered across lanes which lead the driver to slam on his brakes to prevent a collision.

The Bolinas man then proceeded to pull over to the shoulder where he exited the vehicle and yelled at the cyclist.

The motorist then jumped back into his vehicle and drove after the cyclist who had passed him and struck the back of the bicycle.

When he struck the bicycle the rear tire was crushed causing the cyclist to be ejected of his bicycle and onto a dirt hill side.

The driver drove eastbound until he was able to turn around and return back to the accident scene.

Paramedics arrived to the scene, but the cyclist declined receiving medical treatment.

It’s important for drivers and bicyclists to share the road. Road rage can lead to serious accidents so respectful of those on the road.

When you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s also important to receive medical treatment. Even if you feel that you are not seriously injured, getting treatment from medical professionals can be helpful to you.

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