GEICO Settles To Pay $6 Million For Discriminatory Quotes

GEICO, discriminatory quotesGEICO insurance company has agreed to pay $6 million for providing misleading and discriminatory quotes to their consumers as part of a settlement with the California Department of Insurance (CDI).

A petition was filed by the Consumer Federation of California against the auto insurance corporation.

The petition claimed it violated civil rights and insurance laws by targeting unmarried, low and moderate income motorists with higher lowest-limit quotes.

The CDI exclaimed that GEICO’s website mislead consumers to believe that their bodily injury liability limits of $100,000/$300,000 as the lowest limits when in actuality they are not.

The state of California requires insurers to have a minimum policy limit of $15,000/$30,000.

GEICO also allegedly only provided these misleading quotes to certain customers based on education levels, occupation, and gender.

In addition to these allegations, the auto insurance company is required to stop discriminatory quoting, begin offering $15,000/$30,000 policy to certain customers for the next three years, and submit audits of their website every six months for the next three years.

If GEICO fails to comply, they will have to pay an additional $6 million.

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