Harmful Beetles Causing Removal of Trees in Huntington Beach

harmful-beetles,-tree-infestationHarmful beetles have been infesting trees in Huntington Beach forcing them to be cut down.

Nearly 65 trees in Central Park are infested with polyphagous shot hole borers that weaken the trees and cause branches to fall off.

City crews and private tree trimmers were busy taking out infected trees by marking a red dot near the base of the trunk.

The process to remove infected trees will run through mid-August of next year.

The polyphagous shot hole borer is a species of ambrosia beetle that may have originated from Southeast Asia. However, it is unknown how the beetles arrived to Southern California.

The infestation occurs when the beetles burrows inside the tree and spreads fungus in the tunnel where the larvae will feed off of it.

Having infested trees causes a huge danger for pedestrians or anyone around the trees. A weakened tree can cause a tree limb to fall at anytime that can lead to serious injuries.

Now that Huntington Beach is taking charge of the situation, hopefully other cities begin taking action as well. As colder weather approaches with higher winds, it’s important that each city inspects tree for any form of harmful beetle infestation.

If you are injured by a falling tree branch, it’s important to act quickly. There are deadlines to keep in mind for public entity cases.

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