High Concentration of Truck Accidents in Southern California

truck-accidentBetween the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Los Angeles County is on the busiest trucking areas on the country. According to Caltrans, the 710 Freeway handles more than 43,000 traveling big rigs and the 60 Freeway handles 27,000 truck trips a day.

When a large volume of cars and big rigs drive along side each other, accidents are inevitable. The four stretches of highway in Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire with the highest concentration of truck crashes per mile annually are:

  • The 710 Freeway between the 105 Freeway and the 91 Freeway – 5.8 accidents per mile
  • The 60 Freeway and the 57 Freeway convergence – 6 accidents per mile
  • The 5 Freeway between the 710 Freeway and 10 Freeway in the East L.A. Interchange – 6.6 accidents per mile
  • The 710 Freeway at the 60 Freeway in the East L.A. Interchange – 7.2 accidents per mile

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