High School Auditorium Stage Collapses in Indiana

On Thursday evening April 23rd, during the final musical act performed by the student body the auditorium stage collapsed injuring more than 12 students.

The accident occurred at Westfield High School, just 20 miles away from Indianapolis, during the final act as students performed to the Journey song “Don’t Stop Believin” when the stage collapsed almost 8 feet under.

Parents, faculty members, and fellow students rushed to aid the students who fell through.

Initial reports claimed that only one student was in critical condition, but authorities later announced that all injuries were minor and students involved were expected to recover.High schoo stage collapses

Westfield Police Department Captain Charles Hollowell claimed that all injuries were non life-threatening and that they are investigating what caused the stage to collapse.

Chris Baldwin, Westfield Washington School’s executive director of human resources, explained that nearly 75 students were involved in the school production and the collapse occurred during the closing of the show.

When Westfield Mayor Andy Cook heard about the high school stage collapsing, the mayor immediately thought about the stage collapse that occurred at the Indiana State Fair where several people died in 2011.

School was back in session the next day, but authorities will continue the investigation.

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