I Was Injured at WonderCon, What Do I Do?

This past weekend’s WonderCon may have been a great time. Seeing all the creative cosplay outfits and cool panels left a lasting impression. However, aside from all the excitement, accidents do occur.

Since the convention began in 1987, there have been a number of accidents tied to the event. If you were injured at WonderCon, it’s important to know what to do.

Potential WonderCon Accidents

WonderCon may seem like a harmless event. After all, nobody’s thinking about getting hurt when there are panels to be seen and collectibles to be bought.

However, injuries are possible while at WonderCon. Here are some potential WonderCon accidents that can happen:

  • Pedestrian Accidents – fans walking to and from should be aware of cars
  • Assault – WonderCon enthusiasts being assaulted at panels
  • Prop Malfunctions – Improper assembly of props or booth displays can cause potential injuries
  • Costume Defects – Tripping and falling due to costume accessories
  • Car accidents – congested roads can cause difficult driving conditions

What To Do After WonderCon Accident

Just because you’re dressed like Superman doesn’t mean you are Superman. However, if you’ve been in a WonderCon accident, here are some things you can do:

  • Quickly seek out medical attention
  • Take pictures of accident scene
  • Gather contact information
  • Document your injuries
  • Get an official accident report
  • Seek help from a personal injury lawyer

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