Innocent Woman Attacked By Police Dog in Stockton

Wednesday afternoon on May 21st, an elderly woman was attacked by a police dog while shopping in a retail store.

The incident occurred when the German Shepherd that Stockton K9 officers were training nearby, escaped and charged inside the Marshalls store.

Attacked by police dogA 62-year-old woman was shopping inside when the police dog attacked her. A witness was able to act quickly and pull the dog off.

The witness, Bob Davis, heard the woman’s cries and did his best to remove the dog off the elderly lady.

Davis claims it wasn’t easy and was forced to punch the police dog a few times before he finally released his grip on the victim’s leg.

The victim was bleeding profusely and the witness said he was able to see some of her leg tissue from the bite.

The victim was transferred to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Stockton police said the attack should have never occurred and will keep the dog off the streets and investigate how the German Shepherd escaped his handler’s watch.

The K9 has been part of the Stockton Police Department for four years, but will not be allowed to train while this incident is being investigated.


Dog bites are always difficult to deal with, however cases such as these become more complicated when it involves a police dog because it now becomes a public entity case.

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