Man Injured in Trolley Station Fall Receives $21.5 Million in San Diego

An Imperial Beach man who was injured in a trolley station fall is receiving a $21.5 million settlement from the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System.

Trolley station fall slip and fall accidentThe incident occurred in May 2013 when Imperial Beach resident, David Long, stepped off the trolley and tripped and fell over a piece of track that workers had ground down the asphalt.

The victim hit his head on the platform causing him to suffer fractures to his vertebrae in his neck and injuries to his spinal cord.

Long’s lawyer’s claim the injuries have made him a quadriplegic.

A lawsuit was filed against:

  • HMS Construction Inc.
  • Asphalt and Concrete Enterprises, Inc.
  • San Diego Transit Corporation
  • San Diego Trolley, Inc.
  • Other agencies in January 2014

The case was settled in late July.

Slip and fall accidents are complex to pursue. Proving negligence can become quite difficult in a slip and fall accident case when you try do to it alone.

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