Man Killed After Deadly Stairway Collapse in Folsom

deadly stairway collapseA man was killed after a stairway collapsed at an apartment complex in Folsom.

The victim was a visitor when he was on the stairs as it gave way.

The Legends at Willow Creek Apartments did confirm the stairs were under construction. However, a resident claimed that a similar incident occurred a year ago.

No one was injured in that event, but the complex management team said the stairs were continuously being repaired.

It is unclear if there were any signs or notifications warning people that the stairs were under repair.

The complex is promising that the stair repairs will be rushed to be finished as it is taking over a year.

Residences claim the whole accident could have been avoided if the complex management team worked faster to fix the faulty stairways quickly a year ago.

The apartment complex is owned by a San Francisco-based company. They own and operate nearly 10,000 apartment units statewide.


Just a few weeks ago an apartment balcony gave way in Berkeley, CA killing six people. It is important for apartment buildings to maintain the condition of the units for the safety of their tenants.

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