Man Killed in Weather Related Car Accident in Pasadena

Thursday afternoon May 14, a man traveling on the 210 freeway apparently hydroplaneHydroplane crash in Pasadenad on the rainy road and fatally crashed into a truck.

The auto accident happened near Lincoln Avenue in Pasadena just before 3 p.m. when the front end of a silver BMW sedan hydroplaned and collided with a truck trapping itself under the rear-end of the long flat-bed.

CHP Officer Patrick Kimball confirmed the driver was in his 30’s and was pronounced dead at the scene.

California Highway Patrol are urging drivers to slow down to avoid hydroplaning and causing a car accident.

What is Hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning, or aquaplaning as it is also called, is when a layer of water builds between your wheel and the surface of the road. It causes your tire to lose traction, which reduces your ability to steer or brake the car. It can be a very dangerous situation, especially at a high speed.

You can prevent hydroplaning by keeping your tires properly inflated, keeping away from puddles, and avoiding hard braking.

Driving in the Rain

Rainy weather creates slippery roads and difficulty seeing on the road. Therefore speeding can cause a car to hydroplane and lose control leading to a traffic accident.

Slow down on the roads when there are bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, or fog. There may traffic so plan to leave earlier if you have to be somewhere at a certain time. Giving yourself extra time allows you to make sure you don’t speed on the roads.

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