Most Dangerous Intersections Include Downtown L.A. and Hollywood

A recent study showed the most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles County for pedestrians.

The three worst areas in the study were recognized as Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Koreatown.

These areas are most dense in neighborhoods with many pedestrians along the area.

Dangerous IntersectionsDowntown Los Angeles highest concentration of dangerous intersections.

  •  659 people struck by a vehicle
  • 11 deaths
  • Within 48 different intersections

Koreatown ranked second with:

  • 407 people struck by a vehicle
  • 11 deaths
  • In 29 different intersections

Hollywood was ranked third with:

  • 369 people struck by a vehicle
  • 8 deaths
  • In 23 different intersections

In Hollywood, the intersections of Hollywood and Highland alone had record showing 38 pedestrians were struck and 1 person was killed.

About 35% road deaths involve pedestrians in Los Angeles County.

Due to the high numbers of accidents, Los Angeles County are taking actions to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents by:

  • Adding bike lanes
  • Constructing high visibility crosswalks

Some major tips for drivers are:

  • Stop when you see a pedestrian, even if there is no crosswalk.
  • Stop behind the white line
  • Slow down when approaching a crosswalk
  • Check for pedestrians before making a turn
  • Don’t turn until pedestrians have reached the opposite side
  • Minimize distracted driving

Los Angeles County are making changes to help create a safer environment for pedestrians and bicyclists alike.


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