Motorcycle Cop and Pedestrian Injured in Police Chase in Vallejo

motorcycle cop, pedestrianA motorcycle cop and pedestrian were injured during a short police chase in Vallejo.

The incident began when Vallejo motorcycle officers were conducting a DUI enforcement patrol on southbound Broadway Street.

The officers spotted a speeding motorcycle in the opposite direction. When police officers made a U-turn in attempts to stop the speeding motorcycle, they collided with a pedestrian pushing a shopping cart in the middle of the northbound lanes of Broadway Street.

The 54-year-old pedestrian was transported to the hospital and treated for moderate injuries. The officer involved sustained minor injures and was also taken to the hospital.

Both were released after being treated.

Police officials explained that the pedestrian may have been drinking at the time of the collision as they were not walking across a marked crosswalk.

It is unclear if the speeding motorcyclist was caught.

Police chases place anyone in the surrounding area in danger. If you are near a police chase make sure to stay away from the pursuit.

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