My Child Was Injured at School

Schools have a duty to keep the students safe. Despite such responsibility, many different accidents can occur while children are under the school’s care. As a parent, you can hold the school liable if a school exhibits negligence or fails to follow a reasonable standard of care.

Below is a list of common accidents a school can be held accountable:

  • Bus accidents
    • Negligence of the bus driver
    • Improperly trained bus driver
    • Poorly maintained vehicle
  • Playground accident
    • Lack of adequate supervision
    • Defective playground equipment
  • Slip and fall injuries
    • Slippery ground from weather conditions or spilled liquid that wasn’t cleaned properly
    • Faulty property (i.e. handrail, pavement)
  • Faculty negligence
    • Faculty and staff’s failure to provide safe school grounds
    • Improperly trained staff

No two accidents are the same. You need a plan catered specifically to you and your child’s needs.

If your child sustained injuries due to the school’s negligence, you have every right to seek compensation. However, pursuing an accident claim can be challenging, especially against a public school. Because of the complexities, discuss the specifics of your case with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to guide you in the right direction.

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