Navy Sailor Killed in Road Rage Incident in San Diego

A former Navy sailor was killed last Thursday May 28th following a road rage incident in San Diego.

The accident occurred during rush hour traffic on I-5 in Chula Vista when a black Nissan Altima clipped the tail end of the victim’s Ducati motorcycle and then ran the male victim over.

Road rage incidentThe victim was 39-years-old and has been in the Navy for about 20 years.

Darla Jackson, 24, was the driver of the Altima and has been booked into jail and held without bond.

Jackson’s mother claims her daughter was being wrongly accused as the motorcyclist was driving erratically and that the motorcyclist even kicked the side of her car.

The mother of the suspect said her daughter drove behind the motorcyclist to get him to pull over to try and get the motorcyclist’s insurance or contact information.

However witnesses on the road said that the vehicle “sideswiped” the motorcycle three times and even took video footage moments before the accident occurred.

Jackson is pending arraignment on June 2nd.


Road rage can cause serious accidents such as this one. Yes, rush hour traffic can bring out the worst in us, however using our vehicles as a weapon does not only jeopardize our privileges as drivers on the road, but it can change someone else’s life forever.

Aggressive driving can causes fatalities on the road, so it important to keep you patience even if you are frustrated. It’s just not worth risking your life or someone else’s’.

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