Nevada Plans to Test Autonomous Buses

On May 2, University of Nevada announced they will begin a three-stage project to market a live autonomous bus on public roads by 2019.

By June 1, a fully autonomized electric bus, built by Proterra, will repeatedly go on a 3-mile route down Virginia Street. This first stage allows the human bus diver to collect the necessary data for the autonomous bus to navigate smoothly.

In phase two, the collected data will be implemented in the autonomous software.

By phase three, companies like Mercedes-Benz and Proterra hope the technology will be commercialized. They hope to see the buses on the road, carrying passengers daily.

Conflicts Autonomous Buses May Face

  • All technical obstacles standard passenger vehicles face
    • Intersections, cyclists, and pedestrians
  • Wider blind spots
  • Larger vehicles require stronger radars and cameras
  • More lives are at stake if an accident occurs

According to Pierce Transit, no incidents have been recorded for seven autonomous buses. No bus had struck a pedestrian or a cyclist. Drivers experienced 43% less “near miss” occurrences than the non-autonomous bus drivers.

However, like the autonomous passenger vehicles, using new technology brings many questions to the table. In case of an accident involving these buses, who will be held accountable?

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