Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade Safety Tips

The Newport Beach Christmas boat parade is an annual event held for five days in the Newport Harbor. The boat parade is a festive time to show off creative skills by decorating boats with lights in aesthetic designs.

However the festive light decorations can pose potential safety risks for you and your family. Protect yourself from any boat parade accidents by taking note of these safety tips.

Boat Parade Safety Tips

Boat accidents are categorized between boat collision and allision. A collision is when a boat strikes another vessel. An allision is when a boat collides with a stationary object. There are numerous ways a boat accident can happen. It’s important to know what to do and how to protect yourself from any exclusions the insurance adjusters can use against you.


  • Electrical Outlets – Make sure to cover all exterior outlets to avoid electrocution or possible fire hazard.
  • Prepare For Weather Conditions – Prepare for wind and rain. Ensure that your light decorations are secure and safe and able to take on all weather conditions.
  • Visibility – Enhance your visibility by adding red light bulbs by the port light and green bulbs on starboard light.

Passenger Safety

  • Passenger Capacity – Don’t go over passenger capacity. If there is an accident on your boat, insurance companies may void your accident claim for recklessly boating.
  • Lifejackets – Always ensure everyone on board is wearing lifejackets.
  • Child Safety – Keep a close eye on children and make sure they do not fall overboard.

General Safety Rules

  • Follow Rules and Regulations -Keep you and your loved ones are safe by following the guidelines provided to you.
  • Be Patient – Rushing to leave the parade can lead to a boat collision or other injuries. Patiently wait for the rush of crowds and boats to leave.
  • Operating Under the Influence – Never operate a vessel while under the influence. Also, keep an eye out for underage drinkers.

Pursuing A Boat Accident Claim

Your rights after a boat accident need to be protected. If you were injured while on a boat or as a spectator, you need to act quickly. Get to a doctor as soon as possible if you were injured at the boat parade.

The boat parade occurs at night when visibility is low, creating the potential for injuries.  Its important to take photos of the scene of the accident. Preserving the evidence will help strengthen your personal injury claim.

At Bergener Mirejovsky, our experienced injury attorneys are here to help you move forward. Don’t hesitate to find answers. If you were injured due to a negligent boat operator or even unsafe boat decorations, you may be able to pursue financial compensation.

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