Newport Beach Man Injured After E-Cig Explodes

A Newport Beach man suffered serious burns after his e-cigarette exploded in his hands.

The victim, Reed Morrison, explained he was using the vape pen while laying in bed. He began hearing a crackling noise from the electronic cigarette. Just as he pulled it away from his mouth, the device exploded in his hands.

Morrison described that sparks shot out about three feet long barely missing his face. He tried to throw the device away from him, but it had melted to his hands. Coils blew off and pierced all the way through his mattress.

The explosion caused third degree burns to his hand. He is still feeling numbness, but is hopeful the damage is not permanent.

Morrison claims he is still confused how the the explosion occurred, but is fortunate that he wasn’t in the ER or in critical condition.

Not too long ago a Miami woman was woken up to flames near her head after her e-cigarette exploded as it was charging next to her bed.

There have been several lawsuits filed in California on behalf three victims including a man who had par of his finger amputated and his tongue mangled.

Defected products can cause serious injuries. If you are injured due to a defected e-cigarette, it’s important to get immediate medical help. Contacting a personal injury attorney can be your next step.

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