Pedestrian Deaths Increased By 35% in San Diego

According to an annual report by The Medical Examiner, pedestrian deaths increased by 35% in San Diego this past year.

Pedestrian DeathsIn 2014 motor vehicle related deaths made up nearly 300 cases, which was 18% more than the previous year. Approximately, 88 of those cases were accidental pedestrian death.

The Chief Deputy Medical Examiner, Dr. Jonathan Lucas, claimed that almost half the pedestrian deaths in 2014 were under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Many of those deaths occurred while the victims were running across freeways in the dark.

The report also claimed that out of 2,972 cases, 1,390 cases were ruled as accidental deaths.

Aside from accidental deaths, suicide and homicide deaths increased as well.

It is unfortunate that even with the increase in safety features in vehicles and awareness there was an increase.

However, it’s important to continue practicing safety measures to do our best to decrease the number of accidental deaths.

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