Pedestrian Killed by Car While Crossing a Temecula Street

A pedestrian crossing Rancho California in Temecula was struck by a car early Tuesday morning.

The investigation is still ongoing and the names of both the driver and the pedestrian are being withheld. Officials have describe the pedestrian, who died at the scene, as a 57-year-old resident of Temecula.

The Temecula Police Department’s Traffic Reconstruction Team closed traffic until the early afternoon as part of their investigation into the accident’s causes. While details are still limited, it appears that the pedestrian was not walking in the crosswalk. According to witnesses, the driver of the vehicle was not injured.

It is still too early to determine what caused the collision, but it is a tragedy regardless of where investigators ultimately attribute fault. Even more tragic, is that these unfortunate events can often be prevented when both drivers and pedestrians take simple cautionary steps.

Pedestrians can decrease their risk of injury by paying attention. One of the best ways to prevent a pedestrian accident is to consciously avoid distractions. Texting can wait until after you’ve crossed the street. It also helps to be aware of traffic signals and the behavior of drivers on the road. Wearing bright clothing, especially at night, can make you visible to drivers who might not see you otherwise.

Drivers should keep their phones in a place where they won’t be tempted to use them while on the road. It only takes one look down at a text or email to create a disaster. Keeping your speed within the range that is safe for road conditions, signaling before making turns, and checking your mirrors will also help you avoid an accident.

Even when you are doing everything right as a pedestrian, accidents can still happen. If you’re injured by a negligent driver it is important to get immediate medical attention. Injuries that may seem minor at the moment of a trauma can develop into something much more serious if left untreated.

Just as importantly, you should seek to understand your rights and options moving forward. Many of the decisions involved after an accident are complex and have serious ramifications. Call a qualified attorney to explain your case and gain a clearer picture of the paths that are open to you as you move forward.

It may seem like a good idea to talk to the insurance company so that you can get the ball rolling, but their interests are fundamentally opposed to yours. The insurance company is worried about one thing: making money. They don’t accomplish this by paying fair compensation to victims. They do it by shortchanging you and undervaluing your injuries.

Speaking with a lawyer can help you deal with the tricks insurance companies use to minimize your claim. At Bergener & Associates our personal injury attorneys analyze your case and find the best way to tackle the challenges ahead.

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