Plans To Fix Deadly Stretch Of PCH in Malibu Finally In Consideration

The PCH has been a death trap for drivers. In 2015 alone there have been four deaths along the curvy road in Malibu. Three of the fatal accidents occurred in the month of June. Another woman was killed in February in the highly-publicized car accident involving Caitlyn Jenner.

Deadly stretch of PCH, PCHTo address these concerns, Malibu’s City Council has finally been considering a new plan to fix the highly popular road.

The city council’s proposed plan is recommending 150 road improvements, including extension of the bike lanes, adding traffic circles, improving road conditions, and adding more parking lots.

This project will cost around $20 million. Nonetheless, the members of the council are hoping to receive funding through L.A. County’s Measure R sales tax or through federal or state grants.

Plans to renovate the roads come from a three year study that found that PCH’s busy shoulders were dangerous to bicyclists, pedestrians, parked vehicles and buses.

Also, the study showed that driver’s are forced to make dangerous parallel parking moves while going at high rates of speed. Mainly because there is free on-street parking is the only alternative compared to paid parking and valet.

A plan to extend the bike lane along Zuma Beach is also in consideration. However, residents are afraid this will limit the amount of street parking space.

There are also plans to widen the sharp curve along Las Flores Canyon Road. As well as a signal that should be removed that is placed between two intersections 150 feet of each other.

Adding more parking spaces will allow wider bikes lanes and reduce the risk of bicycle or pedestrian accidents.

The plans to fix the deadly stretch of PCH hopes to decrease the number of fatal accidents that occur each year.


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