Possible Seizure Causes Fatal Car Accident in El Cajon

One person was killed after a woman’s possible seizure caused a fatal crash involving six vehicles in El Cajon on Tuesday.

Possible seizure causes fatal crashThe fatal crash occurred around 3:40 p.m. on West Main Street near Interstate 8.

The woman driving a Lexus SUV may have suffered a seizure as she was exiting off Interstate 8.

Her daughter was a passenger in the vehicle. The daughter was trying to act quickly and pulled the emergency brake.

However, the SUV was going too fast and ended up rear-ending two cars on the offramp, killing one of the other drivers.

The victim was driving a Toyota Prius with a WorldPac decal on the side of the car. The company is a car parts distributor with a local office in Miramar.

Another red truck involved ended up on its roof, hospitalizing the driver. The condition was unknown.

In total six vehicles were involved.

CHP officials had closed off traffic on Main Street in order to gather evidence and clean up the scene.

A SigAlert was issued in the area at 4 p.m.

The crash is under investigation.


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