Registered Nurse is a Victim of Police Excessive Force in Los Angeles

Disturbing video footage surfaced this week depicting a Los Angeles Police Department officer violently tackling a handcuffed woman to the ground. Michelle Jordan, a 34 year old mother and registered nurse was pulled over by a LAPD squad car for talking on her cell phone while driving in the Tujunga area. From the video, it is clear that she got out of her vehicle and talked back to the two officers present. As a result she was slammed to the ground and placed in handcuffs for resisting arrest.  Less than two minutes later Ms Jordan was again tackled by one of the officers, this time with such force that she slides face down along the asphalt. After placing her in the back of the squad car, the two male officers share a congratulatory fist-bump.

At the time of this incident, Michelle Jordan was in a summer dress, and obviously not carrying any sort of weapons. Although she did not respond appropriately in her initial interaction with the officers, their egregious use of brutal force is alarming. Ms Jordan suffered severe bruising and abrasions on her face, shoulders, chest, and legs. You can view the video here.

From the surveilance footage, there is no apparent reason for the officers to have used such excessive force on an unarmed woman over what began as a routine traffic stop. The two male police officers would have easily been able to restrain Ms Jordan without such brutal measures. A day after the video went public both officers were removed from patrol duties for the extent of the internal investigation. Captain Jospeh Hitner, of the LAPD Foothill Division was found deficient in his response to the incident. For his lack of action in removing the two officers from the field, he is being removed from his command and will be downgraded. This is a sign that the LAPD is taking these allegations of excessive force very seriously.

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