San Diego Arranges $163 Million For City Stoplight Timing Plan

San Diego officials are optimistic that a $163 million plan for city stoplight timing plan will facilitate the worsening traffic congestions on city roads.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the propCity stoplight timing planosed 10-year plan will connect each of the city’s stoplights into a timing and coordination network that would be controlled by a central hub.

The city stoplight timing plan is expected to be organized by using advance technology to combat gridlock, but also serve to be an inexpensive method to widening roads or building transit lanes.

Major roadways that are targeted for the upgrades are:

  • Mira Mesa Boulevard
  • La Jolla Parkway
  • University Avenue
  • Balboa Avenue
  • Rosecrans Street

The plan will most likely be supported by a variety of funding sources that include grants and revenue from the county’s half-cent sales tax surcharge for transportation projects.

Traffic collisions often occur during gridlock traffic. Even if speeds are slow, there are many distracted drivers and a minor fender bender can easily occur.

Hopefully city’s stoplight timing plan will help ease the gridlock and reduce the number of traffic accidents as a whole.

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