Should I Get Injections?

Injuries to your neck and back are common after a car accident. Seeing a chiropractor can help relieve the pain. But when it doesn’t, you may need to try a more aggressive form of treatment. If your doctor recommends injections, it’s to get you better and relieve the pain.

If you’re on the fence, understanding the benefits can help you make a decision. Even if you’re scared or hesitant, this could be your chance to make a quicker recovery.

What is an Injection?

Epidural steroid injections (ESIs) are usually recommended if your MRI results show you have a bulging or herniated disc.

A herniated or bulging disc is when your disc protrudes out or ruptures the cartilage on your vertebra. The area becomes inflamed which radiates pain throughout the surrounding areas.

The steroid injections provide fast-acting pain relief directly into the affected vertebra and reduces the inflammation.

There are a couple ways to receive the injection. You can get a local anesthetic or you can choose to be sedated. The procedure is fairly quick and doesn’t require much recovery time. It’s important to understand injections aren’t permanent fixes. They provide temporary relief, but combined with physical therapy or other exercises can help you fully recover.

Benefits of Getting Injections

An epidural injection medicates directly or very close to the epicenter of the pain causing faster relief. Oral pain medications and other painkillers aren’t as effective as direct treatment.

Additionally, the pain you feel in your neck or back comes from chemical inflammation. An epidural injection controls the inflamed area. Simultaneously, the treatment flushes out the inflammatory proteins contributing to the pain.

Doctors will usually do a series of three injections. However, if you’re body benefits from the treatment quickly, you don’t have to finish the whole series.

You know your body best, if you’re in a lot of agony it might be a good idea to move forward with the injections. Injuries can be frustrating and exhausting.

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