Six Car Accident Including Sewage Tanker on Highway 280 in San Jose

A six-vehicle crash caused heavy traffic delays on Highway 280 in San Jose on Wednesday, October 15th. Several people involved in the car accident were transported to nearby hospitals.

The crash occurred not far from the 11th Street onramp and involved several commuter vehicles including a sewage tanker truck. The truck was carrying a blue chemical liquid used for porta pottys. Fortunately the driver was just starting his rounds, so the truck did not contain any sewage.

The freeway was closed while emergent response team cleared the debris.

A possible cause of this San Jose accident may have been the slick roads due to the light rain. One driver involved said the slippery surface caused him to lose control of his vehicle. The possibility of a car accident goes up after the first few rains of the season. This is due to the build-up of oils and debris finally getting washed away. Drivers should be aware of the risks, and slow down in response to weather conditions.


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