Ski Resort Accident

This year’s snowstorms have lured countless winter sports enthusiasts into the mountains. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier or snowboarder, accidents can happen. Ski resorts in Tahoe, Mammoth, and Big Bear try to maintain a safe environment, but anything can happen with so many people on the hill.

Snow sports have inherent risks – but what if your accident is not your fault? Ski resort accidents are not uncommon, but proving negligence on behalf of the resort can be difficult.

Pursuing Ski Resort Accident Claim

Whether you are on the slopes, in the parking lot, or at the lodge, injuries are bound to happen. It’s important to be sure if you can open a personal injury claim. You may have the option to pursue an accident claim if another rider hit you.

Most states have passed laws protecting ski resorts from liability for your accident. These laws dictate there is an assumed risk when participating in snow sport activities. They say this risk is “reasonably obvious, expected, and necessary” and any participants should understand this.

The law usually defines the following as assumed or reasonably obvious:

  • Collusion between riders
  • Rider’s failure to stay within their experience
  • Riding outside marked boundaries
  • How resort trails are groomed

These laws are passed to protect the resorts from lawsuits. These laws may make it challenging to prove negligence and difficult for you to build an accident claim on your own.

Exceptions to Ski Resort Accident Claims

Keep in mind not all ski resorts have the same policies and your claim will depend on your circumstances.

There may be exceptions to the assumed risk laws:

  • Placing bumpers on poles
  • Bad instructions are given by ski patrol
  • Chairlift malfunction
  • Improperly placed snow machines
  • Slip and fall or premise liability claims

Regardless of the details, you will have a fight on your hands when you try to pursue a ski resort accident claim against the insurance company. Your best chance of receiving the medical care you need and the compensation you deserve is with a skilled personal injury attorney on your side. The Bergener Mirejovsky accident lawyers are trained to counter all the tactics the insurance companies use to devalue your claim.

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