Teen Driving Statistics

Teen Driver TipsThe leading cause of accidental injury and death for teenagers in the United States is motor vehicle accidents.

Teen crash rates are three times higher per mile than those of drivers over the age of 20. In 2011, almost 300 thousand teens were treated in the ER for car accident related injuries.

Fortunately, many teen auto accidents can be prevented by talking about good driving behavior with your teen and ensuring he or she only drives with teens that have gone through the California graduated drivers licensing program.

Teenagers in California are only allowed to drive with teenage passengers for a full year.

Why Are Teens at Greater Risk?

Whether your teen is behind the wheel or riding with a friend, many teens lack the experience to recognize when they’re in a dangerous situation on the road. Discussing common accident factors, will reduce their likelihood of being involved in an accidents.

  • Teens are more likely to tailgate than adult drivers. This risky behavior increases when there is male teen passenger in the car.
  • More than half of all teen passengers vehicle occupants that died in 2012 were not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.
  • Inexperience plays a large role in teen accidents. Teens are the most likely to get in an accident during the first few months on their licensure.
  • Speeding plays a large role in teen accidents. Over one third of teen drivers involved in fatal accidents were speeding at the time of the crash.
  • Teens at all levels of BACs were at an increased risk of an accident. Alcohol was a factor in almost one fourth of all fatal teen accidents.
  • About one third of all teen car accident deaths occurred between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m.

Parental Involvement Can Help Reduce Accidents

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 10.58.45 AMAs a parent, setting strict guidelines can help curb your teenager’s risk of getting in a car accident. Emphasizing the importance of wearing a seat belt, avoiding distracted driving, and limiting the times your teen is behind the wheel are all factors.

Remember, your children are always watching and learning from your cues. Encourage positive and safe driving habits by practicing them yourself, every time you drive.

As you can see from the graph to the left, a high number of teenage deaths in auto accidents occur at night. Setting a curfew is one way to battle buzzed or drowsy driving among young drivers.

This will also protect your teens from being on the roads during the time when other drivers may be driving drunk or tired.

Teenage drivers are less experienced at avoiding an accident involving a negligent motorist.

Protect Your Rights

Unfortunately not every accident can be prevented. If your teen was injured by a negligent driver, they maybe entitled to compensation for their injuries and any suffering they have experienced. For a free no obligation consultation with an experienced member of our team give us a call at 1-800-881-2021. Even if we can’t take your case, we’re happy to inform you of your rights and options moving forward. Our attorneys are ready to talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That means we charge you nothing unless we reach a successful settlement of your claim. If we don’t get you compensated for your damages, you don’t pay us a dime.