Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy family, friends, and great food. Whether you are hosting a turkey feast or attending as a guest, it’s important to take all necessary safety precautions. Spending Thanksgiving at the emergency room is the last place someone wants to be at.

Holidays are the perfect time for loved ones to gather. High travel rate also increases the risks of accidents. However, traveling isn’t the only cause of accidents. A fall down the stairs, injuries in the kitchen, or even dog bites are all examples of what can ruin a holiday get-together.

Here are some Thanksgiving safety tips that can help you prevent an accidental injury. Make your weekend memorable for all the right reasons.

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Accidents are unpredictable and can often occur when you’re least expecting. Maybe you’re one of those people who cooks twice a year, or maybe you’re the parent of an excessively curious child, or travel last minute. Our safety tips have you covered:

Driving Safety

  • Plan ahead and travel early to avoid heavy traffic
  • Don’t speed because you are running late
  • Have a designated driver if you plan on drinking
  • Take rest stops if you’re driving for a long time

Kitchen Safety

  • Stay in the kitchen when stovetop and oven are in use
  • Keep children away from hot food and liquids (Steam and hot liquids can cause serious burns)
  • Wipe floors immediately after any spills to avoid slipping or falling
  • Place electric cords and knives in safe areas and out of the reach of children
  • If you’re deep-frying turkey, do it in an open space and away from flammable objects or excessive

House Safety

  • Place non-slip mats under rugs to avoid tripping
  • Ensure stairs and walkways are safe for people to use
  • If using candles, place them is safe areas and away from children
  • Make sure house decorations are secured to avoid anything falling on your guests

Pet Safety

Your pet can become overwhelmed by a sudden increase in people in your home. This can trigger them to get territorial and act defensively.

  • Place your pets in pens or gated areas
  • If your pet has aggressive tendencies, warn your guests
  • Keep your pets a safe distance away from children

As a guest, be sure to follow directions given by the host. If they warn you about the doorway having issues or their aggressive pet, listen to them. If you are injured in the home of a family or friend, pursuing an accident claim can be a sensitive matter.

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