Underage Drunk Driver Kills Five People On Way to Vegas

Jean Ervin Soriano, 18, was arrested by Nevada Highway Patrol after driving drunk and causing a tragic accident that killed five Los Angeles County residents including one child.

Soriano was traveling on Interstate 15 early morning on Saturday, March 31st when he drove into the back of a minivan. The impact caused the van to spin our of control and flip over. Five of the seven occupants of the van were killed and two were in critical condition. The young driver informed law enforcement officials that he has been drinking beer before the car accident and according to his arrest report several empty bottles were found in his vehicle.

Genaro Fernandez, Raudel Fernandez-Avila, Belen Fernandez, Leonardo Fernandez-Avila and thirteen-year-old Angel Sandoval were killed as a result of Soriano’s gross negligence. The family members were all from Los Angeles County and had been on their way home from visiting a dying relative in Colorado.

Soriano and his 23-year-old passenger suffered minor injuries in the accident. Soriano was booked on seven counts of DUI and causing death or great bodily injury.

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