US Safety Agency Investigates Honda Accord’s Air Bag Failures

Honda Accord's Air Bag failureUS safety agency investigating Honda Accord’s Air Bag Failures after reports that on some of the older Honda Accords were not inflating in a crash.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), claim there have been 19 consumer complaints that the air bag computer failed in the 2008 Honda Accords.

One of the reports came after a driver in Belleview, Florida was injured after hitting a concrete wall at 50 miles per hour and the air bags failed to inflate.

Other drivers complained that computers had to be replaced to fix the problem and were charged around $500.

The agency claims the malfunction may cause the warning light to display and disables the air bag until it is repaired. There is an ongoing investigation to look into how often the problem occurs and decide if the vehicle model needs to be recalled.

Honda is cooperating with the investigation and will internally review the issue.

The vehicle model is being investigated due to recent complaints. Product recalls and defected products must be taken seriously. If you have sustained injuries due to a defected product it is important that you seek medical attention.

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