Who is Responsible for a Driverless Car Accident?

California has become a leading state in automotive advancements. Numerous automakers are now testing their driverless vehicles on public roads.

Although this technology promises a future without car accidents, autonomous vehicles have a long way to go before hitting the market.

Reports of test vehicle accidents hit the media. You may begin to wonder, who can be held responsible for a driverless car accident?

Driver or the Company?

Currently, semi-autonomous vehicles require drivers to have their hands on the steering wheel at all times when the car is in motion. In the self-driving test models, the driver has the ability to override the autonomous feature when deemed necessary. With that, the human driver can be held liable.

However, an accident involving a driverless vehicle is not a straightforward matter. Recently, the Department of Transportation acknowledged the autonomous software as the car’s driver, rather than the human occupant.

While no law holds a computer liable for a vehicle’s accident, you can hold the manufacturers responsible when their product causes injuries.

The potential liable party includes:

  • Manufacturer
  • Retailer
  • Software or mechanical engineer
  • Vehicle owner

This means a driverless car accident can also be considered a product liability case instead.

Unfortunately, pursuing a product liability claim can be more difficult to prove than a standard car accident claim. Discussing your case with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney can help you figure out the best course of action for you.

As self-driving technology is still very new, laws regulating the use and liability are still being modified.

With the advancement in the auto industry, car accidents involving self-driving vehicles can be complicated. At Bergener Mirejovsky, our skilled injury lawyers have the experience you need to pursue an accident claim involving a driverless vehicle. We are here to take on the new challenges autonomous vehicles bring and get you back on your feet after your accident.

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