Will My Dog Bite Get Infected?

A dog bite can invite a lot of questions. A common question we hear is: will my dog bite get infected? If the dog’s teeth broke the skin, you’re at risk for an infection.

An animal doesn’t have to be sick to transmit an infection. Even healthy pets, big or small, can carry dangerous germs in their saliva. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost one in five dog bites becomes infected.

Infected animal wounds can be life-threatening.

Will My Dog Bite Get Infected?

Dog bites happen. If you’re on chemotherapy, have diabetes, or have an immune system that is otherwise compromised, you’re more likely to develop an infection. Being aware of common dog bite diseases can help you take proper action in reducing risk.

† PasteurellaResponsible for more than half of all dog bites.
 † Capnocytophaga spp.Rarely makes healthy people sick, targets people with weakened immune systems.
 † MRSADrug-resistant Staph. Can be carried by dogs without showing symptoms. Can be fatal.
 † TetanusCauses severe muscle spasms. A rare disease transmitted in deep puncture wounds.
 † RabiesExtremely dangerous. Can result in death. If you think you’ve been exposed, seek immediate medical attention.

Should I See a Doctor?

The best way to handle a dog bite infection is to prevent it. If you have sustained a wound, however minor, go to a doctor or urgent care. A medical professional will disinfect the injury and give you instructions for keeping it clean and free of germs.

Infections can develop quickly. If there is a medical record of the bite, it will help doctors pinpoint the nature of your infection. The sooner you visit a clinic, the more can be done to prevent and treat your injuries.

Let Us Help

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