Woman Sues Neighbors Over Dog Bite

Angelina Hernandez of Cicero, Illinois has filed a lawsuit against her neighbors after being bitten by their dog in her front yard. Hernandez was standing in her yard when the American Bulldog ran up and bit her on the arm, without any sort of provocation.

Dog owners are responsible for restraining their pets at all times, especially if the animal is likely to be aggressive. In 2010, the breed was responsible for at least one death in the United States. American Bulldogs have strong protective instincts, and without the proper training can be reserved or aggressive towards strangers and other dogs.

According to the CDC, over 4.7 million Americans suffer dog bites each year; 800,000 of these are serious enough to require some kind of medical attention. Sadly, half of these are children. It’s very important to teach your children how to behave properly around dogs, especially unfamiliar animals. Children should never approach a strange dog without adult supervision.

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