Young Boy Fatally Struck By Two Cars Running Across Highway 99 in Visalia

Fatally struck by two carsA 13-year-old Goshen boy was fatally struck by two cars while trying to run across Highway 99 in Visalia.

The incident happened around 8:50 p.m. on the southbound lanes near Betty Drive.

According to California Highway Patrol officers, the young boy and a friend climbed over the highway fence and were running across the lanes.

While running across, the victim was struck by a 2007 Chevrolet driven by a 50-year-old Bakersfield man.

Shortly after, the young boy was struck again by a 2013 Dodge driven by a Oak Grove resident.

The boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is never safe to run or walk across highway lanes. Vehicles travel much faster on freeways so even if the car seems far away, they can reach you at a quick pace.

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