Young Boy Slams Into Senior Center After Joyride In Chula Vista

A 13-year-old boy stole his parent’s car and went for a joyride, but ended up crashed into a senior citizen center late Thursday evening.

The incident occurred in the 1400 block of Eat Palomar Street around 11 p.m.

According to Chula Vista Police, the young boy first hit his family’s Mazda into a truck that was parked a block away from the senior center.

He drove away and then smashed through the fence and struck the building.

Fortunately, the building has not been open to residents yet. So the buildings were vacant.

A witness saw the boy climb out of the vehicle after the crash and run away.

Authorities exclaimed that the boy ran to nearby homes and knocked on several doors in the 1500 block of Westmoreland Drive to ask for help.

However, officers were not able to make the connection that Mazda was driven by the young boy until they ran the license plate. They eventually went to the boy’s home and discovered the young boy was not home.

The boy’s father arrived to the location of where his son was found. He looked on as his was loaded onto the ambulance and was taken to Rady Children’s Hospital. His condition was unknown.


Young children are always curious when it comes to driving a car. It is important to keep car keys in a safe place away from children. Taking all safety precautions can prevent joyrides or any other serious accident from occurring.

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